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Scientific and Research Programme

Water treatment by ion exchange technology 

  • removal of contaminants from potable water (heavy metals, nitrates, chlorinated organics, etc.)
  • purification of industrial waste waters (separation of metals from chelating agents, selective removal of toxic aniont, etc.)
  • purification of chemical substances or process streams from contaminants 


Corrosion and material protection in energy production systems

  • chemistry of steam and relations to turbine corrosion processes
  • corrosion problems in steam generators of nuclear power plants
  • Moessbauer spectroscopy of corrosion products and metal-inhibitor interaction products
  • acoustic emission of stress corrosion cracking
  • electrochemical studies of corrosion processes (impedance spectroscopy, polarization techniques)


Energy and Material Utilization of Biomass, Alternative Fuels and (Bio)Wastes

  • Thermochemical processes (Group of Pyrolysis and Gasification)
  • Analysis of solid fuels, biofuels, (bio)wastes and samples from power engineering sector
  • Energy savings and accumulation
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